At Luna Lane Accessories, we know that sustainability starts with small steps, and being eco-friendly is at the heart of everything the business does, big or small. Shopping at LLA is one small step towards an eco-friendly future, where you can trust the businesses you shop at are transparent and ethical as well as eco-friendly. 

turning old into new 

In 2015, it is estimated that over one hundred billion garments were made for 7 billion people. Basically, the world has too many clothes! That's why many of the LLA scrunchies are upcycled, or crafted from deadstock and fabric remnants. While this is not the answer to all of the fashion industry's problems, it means that it is less garments sent to landfill. In your hair you can wear a scrunchie crafted from fabric that once belonged to a dress that visited the beach in the 1960s or pillowcases that sat in a paisley 1970s bedroom. 

LLA jewellery also features beads that are second-hand, deadstock, and vintage. The beads have been rescued from unwanted pieces of jewellery that were headed straight to the bin - this means less plastic ending up in our rubbish and earth. 

limited edition 

The majority of LLA products are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. This is due to the unique nature of the materials used, for example vintage clothing and beads, as well as helping to reduce mass consumption. It means that no one else will ever own certain products but you! 


LLA is transparent - it forms the third pillar of the LLA values. This means no falling down Google rabbit holes for hours for you, trying to trace where certain materials are made from to no avail. Transparency means sharing everything I know about the materials your lovely products are made from. If you're not too bothered about where the materials are sourced, that's totally fine! But if you're curious, all the information is presented to you in the product descriptions on the website and you can make an informed decision about the item you're purchasing. Sustainability is a minefield of finding 100% sustainable materials, which is why LLA is eco-friendly as possible and not "100% eco-friendly." Just know when something isn't eco-friendly, I tell you. I give you all the information I have and let you decide.